Edwidge Woldson Park Master Plan and
Pedestrian Connectivity Feasibility Study

Public involvement shapes the future of a beloved community park. 

The City of Spokane desired to develop a master pedestrian access plan for Edwidge Woldson Park with a feasibility component for potential pedestrian and bicycle linkages to improve neighborhood grid connectivity.  Residents from the surrounding neighborhood and stakeholder organizations contributed invaluable input during BWA-led workshops and meetings.

The master plan report contains a summary of the public process, decisions and recommendations for future development of the park that will allow the City of Spokane Parks & Recreation Department to formulate a long-term implementation plan that prioritizes the sequence of actions and identifies potential projects for funding.

The plan focuses on providing pedestrian and bicycle connectivity from the neighborhood through the park with a connection to the intersection of West 7th Avenue and South Howard Street.  It develops West Cliff Drive into a greenway utilizing traffic-calming techniques to slow traffic in order to address safety concerns.  Developing amenities along West Cliff Drive – including interpretive elements, overlooks, access and seating – fosters community pride in the neighborhood, caters to visitors and injects positive energy into the area, with the hope of reducing undesirable activities occurring in the vicinity.

Other new site amenities include: additional parking, picnic areas, a restroom, an informal amphitheater area, a roundabout and signage.


  • Client: City of Spokane Parks & Recreation Department
  • Location: Spokane, Washington
  • Size: 10 acres
  • Completed: 2016

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