Spokane County Library District North Spokane Branch

Renovation writes a new chapter in the life of a community resource.

The overriding goal of this interior renovation project was to create a layout that allows the expansion and integration of services and amenities most conducive to visitors’ current and future use of the branch, which was built in 1972.

Effective use of space was critical to the new design.  Wasted, unused back-of-house space and the outdated checkout counter were converted into an efficient staff open office.  A new, smaller self-checkout counter was created near the exit and staff help desk.  One staff office was transformed into a breakroom while another was removed to allow a more open floor plan, creating additional space for collections and computers while also increasing the amount of natural light entering the space.  The children’s area was expanded and the large checkout desk was replaced with a small kiosk.

A new glass-walled classroom space houses “The Lab,” an area devoted to library and community programs focused on engaging, hands-on learning opportunities that showcase local experts, artists and enthusiasts who share their crafts and talents.

Established zones help with noise control.  Since the project budget did not allow for the replacement of light fixtures, special attention was devoted to infusing the interior with as much natural light as possible.  The Lab’s expansive storefront windows bring in natural light from the large exterior windows on the structure’s north side.


  • Client: Spokane County Library District
  • Location: Spokane, Washington
  • Size: 15,063 square feet
  • Completed:  2018

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