Riverwalk Point I

Providing sustainable housing options.

The Sustainable Housing Innovations Partnership (SHIP) was formed in 1999 with the goal of creating a model, sustainable housing community for low-income residents.

In October of 1999, Bernardo Wills Architects assisted SHIP in the search for available sites for the development of a 113-unit multi-family housing project.  After the project needs were determined, a review of over a dozen potential sites started.  Parcel size, cost, availability of utilities, soil conditions, topography, existing site features, zoning constraints, and location were considered in the systematic ranking of the sites. Once a suitable site was selected a more detailed Level I environmental assessment, Geotechnical evaluation, and ALTA Survey were conducted.  After assessment determined that conditions were favorable, the site was purchased and went through a short plat and public hearing process.

The first phase of the Riverwalk Point project is a five-building, 52-unit complex. The project was designed and constructed around the twin goals of sustainability and controlling upfront expenses.  Operational costs for Riverwalk Point will be significantly less than a conventional project due to the inclusion of high-efficiency gas-fired heaters in four buildings and a geothermal heat pump in the fifth, structural insulated panels, the strategic use of natural daylight, Energy Star appliances, and energy conservation education for each new tenant.

The development plan calls for two more phases, for a total of 113 units.


  • Client: Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs (SNAP)
  • Location: Spokane, Washington
  • Size: 54,988 square feet
  • Completed: 2003

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