Horizon Credit Union Sandpoint

Redesign yields benefits for members, staff, and community.

Horizon Credit Union engaged BWA to develop a new design standard for its branches. A BWA-led design visioning session involving members of the design team and credit union staff produced a shared community vision and established goals, which are to:

  • create a contemporary, unique Northwest atmosphere
  • elevate the member experience
  • enhance the work environment
  • boost employee satisfaction

In addition to updating this branch to reflect the credit union’s vision, several functional issues had to be addressed:

  • the indistinct, uninviting main entry
  • a layout no longer representative of the way the branches currently function
  • site berming up to the windows, deep overhangs, and lack of lighting that made the exterior look dark and unappealing

The main entry was enlarged to incorporate a vaulted, exposed truss that allows for signage and lighting to better identify the entrance.  Warmer regional materials – including exposed wood siding – update the exterior.  The exterior entry area was expanded to integrate a large colored concrete patio with boulders for sitting areas, creating an inviting entrance and a space where the credit union can host community events.  The site berming was reduced and exterior lighting, signage, and landscape were updated to improve visibility surrounding the structure.

To promote member-staff interaction, the teller-line concept was replaced by multi-function teller pods.  The newly designed lobby/waiting area features a fireplace, comfortable seating, and a tech bar.

BWA also supplied interior design and landscape design services for this project.


  • Client: Horizon Credit Union
  • Location: Sandpoint, Idaho
  • Size: 3,000 square feet
  • Completed:  2019

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