Exotic Metals Forming Company Expansion is Complete

Exotic Metals Forming, a subsidiary of the international company Parker, is a Pacific Northwest-based fabricator of highly specialized metal components for a variety of industries most notably aerospace. With capabilities including initial ideation, state of the art engineering and machining, single or large scale unit production, Exotic Metals is a full-service specialty metal fabricator.

In 2019, production demands justified adding another building to their existing campus in Airway Heights, Washington. This new larger building, completed by Walker Construction Inc. in the fall of 2020, complements the existing building by closely matching it’s exterior aesthetic and interior functionality. While the new building is not a replica of the original, it is clearly a part of Exotic’s campus. This near-copy incorporates the following exterior components; aluminum storefronts, concrete tilt-up walls, loading docks, metal accents, translucent wall systems, employee and visitor entries, and landscaping which compliments the surrounding area.
The interior design increased the size of the manufacturing floor while reducing the footprint of the office space. The office and manufacturing spaces are heavy steel beams and columns, and a steel truss system anchored to the perimeter concrete tilt panels. The increased manufacturing space means more employees, and the owner wanted to ensure a comfortable working atmosphere with plenty of amenities. The break and lunchroom is double story with a mezzanine and large windows which look towards a nearby airport. This airport view reinforces the connection between Exotic Metals and the aerospace industry they serve. The finish materials and colors were selected to be reflective of Exotic Metals’ roots in the Pacific Northwest and the clean aesthetic one would expect of a cutting edge manufacturer.

Speaking of manufacturing – it should be noted that the manufacturing space was enhanced by including natural daylight as much as possible. This was achieved through the use of roof-mounted Sola-tubes, which take sunlight and diffuse it over a wider floor area, and translucent wall panels. Both of these systems diminish sun glare and increase overall natural light. This resulted in less electrical light needed, and increased energy cost savings in the life cycle of the building.

Exotic Metals is very happy with the overall results of this new addition to their campus and plans on moving towards full building utilization in 2021.

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