Elf On the Shelf Entertains at the End of 2020

By News

The Elf is back! And this year, he found that the office wasn’t the normal bustling place he was used to. But that didn’t stop him from poking around the building. 

“Dear Santa, I arrived back at Bernardo Wills Architects to find everyone working from home, and few Christmas decorations up. Let’s see what I can do to help the team from the office! Luckily, the snacks are still here. Talk soon, Frank.”

“Dear Santa, It’s simple: big tree, little elf. Not sure I’m the right guy for this decorating job, but I’ll do my best. Thanks for nothing, Frank.”

“Dear Santa, I took some time to poke around the Bernardo Wills Architects archives today. Did you know they helped design nearly every Safeway in Washington? They know how to do grocery stores right. There are projects going back to 1991, so lots to catch up on. More soon, Frank.”

“Dear Santa, if anyone asks, we’re out of toilet paper too. More for me! – Frank.”

“Dear Santa, I took a dive into the Bernardo Wills Architects legacy projects today. Did you know they designed Concourse C at the Spokane Airport? Talk later, Frank.”

“Dear Santa, I got to help with some physical architectural models today. Sometimes, not even the greatest technology beats the real thing! Send more glue, Frank.”

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