Quaran-Tip #3: Talk a Walk!

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Today’s Quaran-tip is from Emily Moline Meyer: “On my work from home days, I make a point to get out and walk in my neighborhood part-way through the day. If I have a lunch meeting, I take a late break and walk to nearby Corbin Park and back. Having time away from my screen actually boosts my productivity for the afternoon, and gives me an opportunity to work problems out in my head. Without the commute and reasons to get up and chat with a coworker, it is easy to stay put for hours at a time in my home office. Gotta enjoy the great weather while we have it!”

Quaran-Tip #2: Get a Quarantine Buddy

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Get a quarantine buddy for daily check-ins. I exchanged a Microsoft Teams chat with one of my co-workers every morning during the initial stay-at-home order. It was a quick communication about how we were each feeling and what playlist we were listening to that day. Not only did we connect, but we also learned we had vastly different musical tastes!”