“Bivy Day” at Liberty Lake Regional Park is a success!

By News

The information gathering event held on July 22nd at Liberty Lake Regional Park went well. The weather was hot, the water was great, and the park was very busy with beach goers, campers and hikers.  BWA and Studio Cascade were stationed in the park to listen and learn, equipped with conceptual approaches for the park for visitors to react to. “We recognize that folks have differing priorities for the park,” said BWA landscape architect, Bill LaRue. “So, we’ve prepared several diagrams that show how the park might evolve if things like being family friendly or being a regional draw were the focus.”

A set of workshops will also take place late this summer and early fall. The County expects to review final drafts of the plan by the end of 2017.

More information including documents, meeting times and process images are available at: http://www.llrp-masterplan.com

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