About Bernardo|Wills Architects

Bob Wills and Gary Bernardo’s desire to provide clients with exceptional service based on principal involvement led to the founding of Bernardo|Wills Architects in 1991.
This balanced approach and the firm-wide commitment to providing value-added service is the catalyst for the organization’s excellent reputation and continued successful growth.


Embracing our clients’ values and mission is central to our planning and design process. We tap the qualities that define their organization, creating architecture that reflects its character. Serving public- and private-sector clients, we specialize in commercial, corporate, governmental, educational, healthcare, recreational, industrial and retail architecture. Offering a complete range of planning and design services, we are highly experienced in various project delivery methods. Above all, we seek to create innovative and enduring architecture that is distinguished by its response to context, program and culture.

Interior Design

Our clients’ aspirations serve as inspiration for our interior design team in creating dynamic spaces that are as visually appealing as they are comfortable, intuitively organized and easy to maintain. Colors, textures, lighting, furnishings and artwork are carefully chosen to complement the architecture of the building and create an environment that supports the functions housed within. Sensitive to the client’s budget and schedule, our interior design professionals meticulously factor these criteria into the project’s programming and planning.

Landscape Architecture

Harnessing the beauty and vitality of nature, our landscape architects and planners create settings that enrich the human experience. Our projects – many of which are for public entities – help define a community’s character. As such, stakeholder participation is essential to our planning process; those most vested in the final outcome inform the design with their priorities and preferences. Our designs feature artistic layouts and imaginative combinations of plantings to craft distinctive outdoor spaces that engage the senses.

Land Use/Planning

Our expert planners maximize a site’s potential, generating a plan that yields the greatest utility and value to the client. Well-versed in the intricacies associated with land use/planning, they deftly translate vision into a feasible, code-compliant plan. Our team is highly skilled at working with regulatory agencies through various administrative actions. Recognizing that information and understanding are critical to buy-in, they are sensitive to the interests of all parties at public meetings and forums, building consensus with stakeholders and neighborhood groups.

What Our Clients Say About Bernardo|Wills Architects

Through all their work, the Wren Pierson Community Center exceeded the expectations of the entire community, in large part due to the leadership and guidance from Bernardo|Wills Architects. It is one of the most modern facilities within the community, and is being utilized by community members more than ever before. Bernardo|Wills Architects have displayed impeccable customer service, and have demonstrated a true ability to build a high-quality project time and again. Their sense of vision, matched with a highly attentive team, has helped to transform our ability to serve the community.

Mayor Tom Trulove, City of Cheney, Washington

All of our involvement with Bernardo|Wills has been extremely positive. They are efficient, responsive and always concerned with time and budgets; especially by suggesting a creative work-around in the design process that keeps the project moving forward. You will definitely benefit from their experience, collaboration and design process in reaching your goal of your own civic buildings.

Mayor Steve Peterson, City of Liberty Lake, Washington

We found them to be good listeners and keen observers. Their suggestions and recommendations were based on a very deliberate and extensive dialogue to understand the college, our community, our students, and our staff. Their solutions were practical, modern, and of a quality to provide decades of service.

William C. Bonaudi, Ed.D., President (Retired), Big Bend Community College, Moses Lake, Washington

Initially the public and several of the staff members were skeptical of the how the facility could possibly serve as a library; however throughout the process, BWA communicated a vision and delivered a finished product that exceeded all expectations.

Doug Smith, (Former) Community Development Director, City of Liberty Lake, Washington

Facing apparent challenges to redevelop an older property with modern-day potential BWA provided seamless coordination to the development team including ownership, building contractors, engineers and lenders. These coordination efforts have made my experience as the owner of this redevelopment project both enjoyable and successful.

These results are truly a reflection of the personal and professional attention provided by Bernardo|Wills Architects and their staff.

Guy D. Byrd, Broker/Owner, Cornerstone Property Advisors, Spokane, Washington

Garco Construction has an outstanding working relationship with Bernardo|Wills Architects and is pleased to offer high praise and recommend them . . .We feel their ability to translate a vision into a workable master plan, conceptual design and feasibility study is exceptional.

Hollis Barnett, Vice President, Garco Construction, Spokane, Washington

I have worked in school districts on both the east and west side of the state and have worked with many architectural firms and I would consider Bernardo|Wills Architects an excellent firm. I especially appreciate their ability to listen to the needs of our stakeholders and provide a product that responds accordingly. They take suggestions from not only the community and school staffs, but from our maintenance and operations staffs, safety, transportation, administrative personnel, and other support functions in the district.

They make me feel my project is their most important project although I know they have many other clients. Their work has been professional, cost effective, and has always been produced in a timely manner. I give them my recommendation without reservation and look forward to working with them on future projects.

Gregory Brown, AIA, LEED AP, (Former) Director of Capital Projects, Spokane Public Schools, Washington