#30BestofBWA Magnolia Hi-Fi

#30BestofBWA These images from 1993, when Seattle-based Magnolia Hi-Fi came to town, bring fond memories of retail in the 1990s. This project, located on Division Street north of Lincoln Road, featured showroom space, warehouse, and an auto-install area. We were still living in the Walkman-era, so their home theater systems, high-end car audio, and mobile phones were heady stuff – and the flashy fire-engine red Porsche in the showroom pushed them over the top.

Bernardo Wills Architects’ design featured colored masonry and a series of free-standing structural steel canopies along the front façade. The building was constructed by Vandervert Construction and currently houses Huppin’s, Pawn One, and T-Mobile retail stores.

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