#30BestOfBWA Avista Utilities’ Fleet Maintenance and Vehicle Wash Facility

#30BestofBWA Completed in 2018, Avista Utilities‘ Fleet Maintenance and Vehicle Wash Facility on their Mission Campus replaced its 1958-era fleet operations center. Initial work on the project included completion of a site master plan on the existing northeast six-acre portion of the property at Avista’s main campus to plan the overall site and designate locations for future buildings, circulation, parking, and utility runs. Shop space in the new two-story building comprises seven large vehicle service bays, a welding/fabrication bay, and a large hydraulic service bay. The shop areas house five in-ground, multi-function vehicle lifts and three overhead bridge cranes. The building’s center-core main level includes a parts room, tool storage room, foreman offices, and locker rooms. The second story above houses a large conference/training room, office, fluid-handling room, and mechanical and electrical support spaces.

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